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CareSens® N Blood Glucose Meter Kit
USD $16.00

<p>CareSens&reg; N Blood Glucose Meter Kits include:</p> <ul> <li>CareSens&reg; N blood glucose meter</li> <li>1 Personal lancing device&nbsp;</li> <li>10 Test strip and 10 lancet samples</li> <li>User manual</li> <li>1 vial&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Other accessories available on DxConnect Marketplace include:</p> <ul> <li>Lancets:&nbsp;28-30G gauge with different depth settings available</li> <li>CareSens&reg; Safety Lancets: sterile, single-use, auto safety lancet</li> <li>Glucose control solutions: High and Low liquid glucose controls</li> <li>Download cable for connection to&nbsp;a computer</li> </ul>
Product Bundled: []
Intended use: For quantitative measurement of blood glucose in whole blood 
Intended user: Self-testing outside the body 
Technology principle: Electrochemical
Enzyme: Glucose Oxidase (GOD)
Sample type: Fingertip whole blood; alternative sampling sites as per test strip instructions for use 
System accuracy: Meets the requirements of ISO 15197:2013 accuracy criteria 
Measuring range: 20 - 600 mg/dL or 1.1 - 33.3 mmol/L 
Haematocrit range: 15 - 65% 
Sampling volume:  ≥ 0.5 μL 
Measuring time: 5 seconds 
Reference type: Plasma equivalent
Storage conditions: Temperature: 0-50°C, Humidity: 10-90%
Operating conditions: Temperature: 5-50°C, Humidity: 10-90%
Cold chain requirements: No
Contents of kit: CareSens® N blood glucose meter, user manual, personal lancing device, CareSens® N test strip and lancet samples.
Equipment required but not provided: Biohazard waste disposal
Compatible test strips: CareSens® N
Memory capacity of the meter: 3000 tests 
Coding of the meter: No coding  
Alerts: Strip expiration date indicator; 4 alarm setting options
Language options: English
Test strip ejector: Not available 
Unit of measure: mg/dL or mmol/L units both available on separate meters 
User care: Can be cleaned with non-corrosive wipes 
Power: Two 3.0V lithium batteries (disposable, type CR2032) 
Meter connectivity: Bluetooth not available 
Meter connection to computer: Available (download cable to computer)
Diabetes Management Software: YES
Name of manufacturer : i-SENS Inc.
Country of manufacture: Republic of Korea
Ordering and Incoterms:
<p>CareSens&reg; N Blood Glucose Meter Kits are provided free of charge when purchased in combination with CareSens&reg; N Strip packs at pre-determined ratios. To place an order for CareSens&reg; N Blood Glucose Meter Kits, please first place an order for CareSens&reg; N Strip packs and follow the ordering instructions.&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Incoterms are negotiated between the supplier (or its local distributor) and the buyer.</li> <li>The final price is dependent on: Incoterms, order volume, freight, taxes, customs duties, handling fees and other applicable fees.&nbsp;</li> <li>Upon Request for Quotation, the buyer will receive a quotation with the applicable final price. Learn more about pricing on the DxConnect Marketplace in our helpdesk <u><a href="https://diagnostics.zendesk.com/knowledge/articles/4429547242521/en-us?brand_id=900000496146" target="_blank"><span style="color:#00a4af">here</span></a></u>.</li> </ul>
Volume pricing:
<ul> <li> <p><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif"><span style="font-size:10.0pt">Free of charge meter placement at a ratio of 1 meter: 15 packs of 50 T.&nbsp;</span></span></span></p> </li> </ul>
Pricing Description: Free-on-Board (FOB) price for 1 Meter Kit.
Custom search fields: Diabetes
Reporting units : IFCC (mmol/mol) / NGSP/DCCT (%)

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