FIND, the global alliance for diagnostics

The DxConnect Marketplace is managed by FIND, a global health non-profit based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The global alliance for diagnostics

An official World Health Organizations (WHO) Collaborating Centre, FIND builds on 20 years of operational experience to ensure equitable access to reliable diagnostics around the world.

We are involved in nearly 50 countries through local and regional partnerships.


A digital platform for diagnostics

Managed by FIND, DxConnect supports equitable access to reliable diagnostics through the DxConnect Marketplace, Virtual Biobank, and Test Directory.

  • Marketplace

    Connecting buyers and sellers to facilitate the procurement of quality-assured diagnostics.

  • Virtual Biobank

    A global view of sample collections and their availability, and guidance on sample use. Access now.

  • Test Directory

    A searchable directory of diagnostics tests, their performance and other technical information. Access now.

  • Inform

    Verified information on quality diagnostics

    All diagnostics listed on the DxConnect Marketplace are evaluated against a strict quality assurance policy framework.

  • Connect

    Global network of approved buyers and suppliers

    Every user on the DxConnect Marketplace is vetted through a robust due diligence and background check process.

  • Support

    Digital features and support services

    Intuitive platform features tailored to assist procurement operations.