• Better informed decisions

    • Find quality diagnostics that meet healthcare needs

    • Compare product characteristics and prices

  • Build new partnerships

    • Connect with a global network of approved suppliers

    • Discuss and negotiate with suppliers directly

  • Facilitate transactions

    • Submit needs forecast for aggregated demand

    • Request quotes and manage orders online

Source quality-assured diagnostics

Focused on priority diagnostics for high-burden diseases in low- and middle-income countries, the DxConnect Marketplace includes diagnostic tools for COVID-1, malaria and diabetes. Product offerings will continue to expand to other desieases and technologies.

Quality assurance framework

Diversify supply options

The DxConnect Marketplace is free to use and accessible to any registered user that complies with the vetting process requirements. After a buyer connects with a seller through the DxConnect Marketplace, all commercial transactions take place outside of the platform and are under the responsibility of its users. 

  • Inform

    Verified information on quality diagnostics

    All diagnostics listed on the DxConnect Marketplace are evaluated against a strict quality assurance policy framework.

  • Connect

    Global network of approved buyers and suppliers

    Every user on the DxConnect Marketplace is vetted through a robust due diligence and background check process.

  • Support

    Digital features and support services

    Intuitive platform features tailored to assist procurement operations.

A robust legal framework

The DxConnect Marketplace is built around a robust legal framework with Standard Operating Procedures that are compliant with legal requirements under FIND’s by-laws, Swiss, EU, US laws and e-commerce regulations.

General Terms & Conditions

Co-creating healthy and sustainable diagnostics markets

As a dynamic platform, the DxConnect Marketplace continues to evolve in response to user needs and adapt to the realities of an ever-changing diagnostic landscape. Contact us to share your views and help us create solutions that can address the challenges you face.

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What are the benefits of full access to the DxConnect Marketplace?

Full access to the DxConnect marketplace gives users:

- Access to review and compare product information;

- Pre-negotiated commercial conditions;

- Fully transparent request for quotation proccess;

- Communicate directly with sellers of diagnostic products.

Access now.

What diagnostics are available in the DxConnect Marketplace?

Diagnostics for the following disease areas will be made available on the platform:

- COVID-19

- Diabetes

- Hepatitis C & HIV

- Malaria

- Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)

- Tuberculosis (TB)

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What is required to have full access to the DxConnect Marketplace?

To register as a buyer on the platform, please complete the registration form.

Your submission will be reviewed by the DxConnect Marketplace team. Our approval process consists of a robust due diligence process with a background check on any registered user. It is mandatory to be legally authorized to commercialize diagnostics.

You will receive notification and log-in details once your profile has been approved.