• Access new markets

    Discover matchmaking opportunities with vetted buyers in low- and middle-income countries.

  • Build strategic partnerships

    Understand buyer needs and market trends to build better partnerships for demand generation

  • Improve discoverability

    Educate buyers and provide information on quality-assured diagnostics on a trusted platform

Ensure products meet quality requirements

FIND's Quality Assurance process ensures that products listed on the DxConnect Marketplace meet optimal quality standards. FIND believes that product and service quality should not be compromised despite aiming for lowest cost of delivery of diagnosis to patients in need.

Quality assurance process

A robust legal framework

The DxConnect Marketplace is built around a robust legal framework with Standard Operating Procedures that are compliant with legal requirements under FIND’s by-laws, Swiss, EU, US laws and e-commerce regulations.

General Terms & Conditions

Co-creating healthy and sustainable diagnostics markets

As a dynamic platform, the DxConnect Marketplace continues to evolve in response to user needs and adapt to the realities of an ever-changing diagnostic landscape. Contact us to share your views and help us create solutions that can address the challenges you face.

Contact us
  • Inform

    Verified information on quality diagnostics

    All diagnostics listed on the DxConnect Marekplace are evaluated against a strict quality assurance policy framework.

  • Connect

    Global network of approved buyers and suppliers

    Every user on the DxConnect Marketplace is vetted through a robust due diligence and background check process.

  • Support

    Digital features and support services

    Intuitive platform features tailored to assist procurement operations.


What is required to join the DxConnect Marketplace as a seller?

To register as a supplier on the platform, please fill in the registration form which will be reviewed by the FIND team.

You will receive a notification and log-in details once your profile has been approved. Our approval process consists of a robust due diligence process with a background check on any registered user. It is mandatory to be legally authorized to commercialize diagnostics and stand for a minimum quality threshold.

Suppliers who have already participated in the RFP process and signed long term agreements (LTAs) with FIND may onboard themselves directly on the platform by filling in the onboarding form.

How do I list my products on the DxConnect Marketplace?

To have your products listed on the DxC Marketplace you must first register as a supplier, please fill in the registration form which will be reviewed by the FIND team.

Once a supplier has been approved to join the DxConnect Marketplace as a seller, they will be able to list their approved products on the platform and provide details on the technical specifications, regulatory approvals and other relevant information.

The added products will only be visible to buyers once approved in the FIND QA process – timelines for this will vary on the complexity of the diagnostic, previous versions available and quality of the information provided by the seller.

What kind of buyers have access to the DxConnect Marketplace?

Access to the DxConnect Marketplace is restricted to pre-approved buyers that have been vetted by FIND through a robust due diligence process with a background check. It is mandatory to be legally authorized to commercialize diagnostics to access the platform.

Product listing and information can also be tailored to specific users and/or regions if this is a request by the sellers.