Listed by FIND DxConnect Marketplace is a visual representation for products that meet DxConnect Marketplace Quality Assurance: Product Selection & Evaluation Criteria, a paper-based assessment strictly based on the product's claimed performance, regulatory and quality standards, which makes the diagnostic product eligible for listing on the DxConnect Marketplace online platform and partner websites.

What 'Listed by FIND DxConnect Marketplace' is not?

  • It mark does not imply FIND's endorsement or recommendation of the product or seller.
  • It does not mean FIND independently verified via clinical testing, the manufacturer’s performance claims for the product.
  • It does not replace local regulatory and legal requirements for product commercialization.

What are the responsibilities of sellers and partners when using 'Listed by FIND DxConnect Marketplace'?

Role of FIND: Assessment without commercial interest

The Listed by FIND DxConnect Marketplace mark only signifies eligibility for DxConnect Marketplace listing and does not imply FIND's endorsement or recommendation of the product or seller. FIND, being a non-regulatory and non-manufacturing entity, disclaims any liability and indemnifies itself from any misuse or misrepresentation of the mark or its associated claims by any seller or third party, including liability arising from the product's performance or use.

As a non-profit organization, FIND has no commercial interest in any product listed in these directories, and inclusion of a test does not imply endorsement. Third-party usage of the FIND logo to imply endorsement of services or diagnostic tools is not, and has never been, authorized by FIND.

FIND makes every effort to ensure the information is up-to-date and correct. However, for we rely exclusively on information provided to us by manufacturers.

To confirm the current regulatory status of a specific product, please visit the official websites of the competent authorities in the relevant jurisdiction and/or directly contact the manufacturer.

All information provided on our website is covered by our disclaimer. For any questions please contact us.